Wednesday, 21 November 2012

First Guest Post: Thanksgiving Pumpkin Cranberry Oat Muffins at Claireabellemakes

A few weeks ago, I was invited to do my very first guest blog post. Claire, from Claireabellemakes, so graciously let me share a recipe that I have been wanting to post for Thanksgiving. Go check out her beautiful blog and read all about my Pumpkin Cranberry Oat Muffins. While you are there, have a good look at all of the lovely crafty things that Claire has been up to.

Saturday, 17 November 2012

A Saturday Break

Every once in a while I try to sneak away on a Saturday to do something just for me. My husband keeps the kids and I go off and enjoy a day all to myself. Today was one of those days, albeit not quite a full day, but several hours none the less. A few weeks ago, I booked myself into a one-off beginner's sewing course to make applique cushions. I knew that I was getting a sewing machine for my birthday, so I spent my birthday money on the class.  So this morning I set off in the misty rain to Cambridge city centre for CallyCo, a beautiful little shop just off the market square.

I have been admiring this shop for such a long time. Nearly every time I am in town, I try to have a peak in through the windows, but because I didn't know how to sew, I never actually went in. Until today. When I walked in through the door my eyes could not stop wandering around the room at all of the beautiful delights. The fabric, the buttons, the ribbon, everything! Everything was just beautiful. I wanted to move right in.

When we made our way down the stairs, I found myself in the cutest little classroom filled with sewing machines, gorgeous fabric scraps, and everything I could ever imagine I would need to sew up something special. The instructor Jill, got us all aquainted with the sewing machine and soon we began rummaging to scraps of lovely fabric for our cushions. 

There were four of us on the course so we were able to get plenty of attention. Jill was very patient with us as we were all of varingly different levels of experience.  She even let us stay a bit late so that we could all finish.  I have to say, I am truly pleased with my results. It's far from perfect, but I think it's pretty decent for my first attempt at cushion making.  You can judge for yourself.
I loved my morning at the CallyCo shop. I'm sad that there will not be any classes for the next few months, as they are having some work done down in the basement where the classes take place. However, I'm sure Betsy, who runs the place, won't mind. She is expecting her first baby in a few weeks! As soon as the classes start running again, I know I will be signing up for a few. I'm desparate to learn more already. So desparate, I came home and opened up my shiny new sewing machine and managed to lose a screw on the bobbin case. It's lurking somewhere on my dining room run amongst millions of crumbs from the children's dinner. I'm trying to remain hopeful that it will show up. If not, Singer will be getting an order from me soon. :(
But, I will not let that get me down! I had a great day (or a few hours anyway) away from the daily family responsibilities today and loved every minute. And now for a great ending to a perfect day, some leftover Blueberry French Toast (more on this later).


A big thanks to Betsy and Jill at CallyCo in Cambridge and best of luck to you Betsy! If you'd like more information about their classes, they keep a class list on their website. Keep in mind that they will be finished with classes for a few months, but should be back teaching once their work in the basement is finished.