Monday, 24 September 2012

Getting Crafty Again

I can remember laying on my mom's 1970's lino floored kitchen painting rainbow after rainbow.  I loved all of the bright colours needed. There was always a big pink tulip sitting under the rainbow. Always.  In our house we were always making things and baking.  I loved to be my mom's assistant whenever she would let me.  My making days continued until boys began to interfere.  I think I lost my creative side when I moved away to school and got a boyfriend. Suddenly other things became much more important than rainbows.  When I became a teacher, I almost recaptured my rainbow making self, but not quite. I began drawing for my students while at school, but that is about where it stopped.  After school, I would be busy grading papers and getting ready for the next day, I often was too tired to do anything crafty.  Then another boy man entered my life, I got married, and moved to England.  Kids quickly followed and my time was eaten up chasing after two very "spirited" children.  I do try to make things with my kids as often as I can, but it is mainly baking that happens.  I bake to relax (and to stuff my face) and I love sharing it with my two little ones.  My oldest loves to get on his apron and assist just as I did with my mother nearly 30 years ago.  My youngest hasn't shown too much interest yet, but I'm sure it won't be long before she's doning an apron too. 

In an effort to recapture my creative side, I've been dabbling in some new crafts in the past year.  I have taken several crochet classes from the talented Mrs. Scrace (Not So Granny) and I think I am reallly starting to make progress.  Nearly every night before bed I read craft and food blogs until my eyes bleed. I'm pretty new to craft blogs, but I have been reading food blogs for a while now.  Let me warn you, they are dangerous! Very dangerous.  My waistline can tell you. So, I thought craft blogs would be a bit safer. Ermmm, not really. They are dangerous too. While they are not doing anything negative to my beeehind, my purse is starting to feel the strain.  And please, let's not share this my dear husband.
Inspired by a recent blog post by Claireabellemakes, I am going to be making my daughter a pretty little shadow box with the letter "C" made of buttons. The thread and beads are for friendship bracelets also from her post.

Much to my husbands dismay, we have an entire half of a large cupboard filled with empty jars and containers.  There was no way that I could throw out these nifty little chutney jars. They were a perfect fit for my new buttons and I think they look very sweet.


I'm not one to buy a book off of a shelf without reading plenty of reviews first.  While in the craft shop today, I picked this book up and had a little flip through.  I was instantly drawn to so many of the cute and easy patterns in this book.  After reading some of the patterns, I thought that I might actually be able to make some of them. So, I slipped in my shopping basket wondering how I will explain this to the other half.  But hey, it's my birthday coming up. I'll just tell him that it's one less present to buy. 

When I got home, I looked up the author, Nicky Trench. and I was pleased to see that she has a blog. She is also an author of several other books too.  I love being able to find out a bit more about an author. Makes it all seem so much more personal.  Now I am sure some of you know exactly who Nicky Trench is and this just highlights my crafty novice. But if you didn't, I thought I'd share.  I think these curtain ties will be added to my ever growing project list.  Now, I must go change the loads of washing even though I desparately want to get started on these.



  1. Oh I can't wait to see you button project! I think I have that same bag of buttons too, I recognise a lot of colours.

    I know exactly what you mean about craft blogs hurting your purse contents. However, look for giveaways! I am doing a great one on my blog very soon for a super fun book.

    Thanks for the mention :-)

    Claire x

  2. No problem! Thanks for the retweet! I'm now anxiously awaiting your giveaway.

  3. Loving this :) Congratulations. Check out the makeandcraft site. It is a new magazine coming out very soon. You can get the first 3 issues for £1 electronically and £3 for paper. There are lots of giveaways (of the crafty nature) each day if you comment on the forum and a blog thing with free crafty book giveaways each day starting from tomorrow.
    Looking forward to future posts. :)

  4. Ohh, thanks for that. Will check it out!