Sunday, 2 September 2012

Surviving The Summer Holidays

It's nearly the end.  These have been six very long weeks.  Don't get me wrong I love my two monkeys, but we need some space from each other.  I always thought that the world would be such a better place if everyone thought like me, acted like me, and generally were just me. I was dead wrong.  My children are miniture clones of me, even though they look like their daddy.  As far as personality goes, they are me.  They are stubborn, borderline OCD, strong-willed, and moody.  Having three Kellys in the house is just asking for trouble. Ask my husband, he will nod is head violently and roll his squinty little eyes.  If they could have just inherited his laidback attitude towards life instead of my uptight, crazy ways, we'd be sitting pretty. But, they are me in miniture, so we do our very best.  Despite all of this, they are the biggest joys of my life. They make me laugh more than they make me cry.  In fact, as I am typing this, my littliest has just bounced up to me, smacking her little feet across the floor and planted a big kiss on my arm. Her bright blues are now staring up and me and I'm a blob of goo on the floor.  Of course, in her usual style, she has broken the  little bubble and is now trying to nibble on my arm instead. Like I said, monkeys.

In three days we will be starting a brand new set of routines.  My eldest will be starting reception at the school where his dad, grandad and grandparents went to.  My daughter will be going back to preschool for a few days a week and I will be given some more time to myself.  Yes, I am not ashamed to say that I am overcome with glee at this idea. We get along so much better if there is time away from each other. 

After many, many cups of tea, biscuits, and visits to our local soft play, we have nearly made it.  It's taken a lot of life out of me, but we are almost there. 

These are for my sanity.

We've tried to stay busy. Here is a glimsp of what we've been up to:

We made it to the Olympics in London. Here we are posing with the ever curious
 Olympic mascot, Wenlock. I was lucky enough to go down twice and loved it.

We even took the boy down for a day.

Before going to the Blur concert at Hyde Park, we had to get a shot of the
 Tower Bridge and all its Olympic ring glory.

A summer evening walking the dog.

Best swing at a park EVER.

Checking out the seals at the zoo.

Dogsitting a pretty cool Maggie.

These rides have come a long way since I was a kid.
They were content to play in it without even putting money in.

I've managed to have a bit of hooky time.

More on these squares later.

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